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M.J. International Group brings SPC to the US


Credit By Kacey Perinelli / FCW

[Taiwan] M.J. International Group was founded in 1982 in Taiwan. In 1993, a production base was then established in Dongguan, China, encompassing three manufacturing plants that cover an area of more than 110,000 square meters resulting in M.J. International Group becoming one of the largest professional manufacturers of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and SPC in Asia.

Going Global

M.J. International Group’s factories are mainly located in Dongguan City, China, with a maximum annual output value of $160 million, reported Ben Yuan Chen, chairman for the company. “We focus on OEM manufacturing and our products are sold in over 30 countries spanning the whole globe, mainly in Europe [and we are] currently actively expanding [in] the U.S. market via ODM,” Chen noted. M.J.’s investment in SPC began in Dongguan in 2018, however, once mass production was underway, the company’s capacity was hit by the instatement of tariffs. “Although tariff issues became an obstacle for us to sell SPC to the U.S. market, it led us to begin to have a strategic layout of decentralized production capacity and decentralized market,” Chen shared.

Now, M.J. seeks to diversify and serve the American market through its newly established SPC plant in Tainan City, Taiwan. Chen said it will allow customers to take advantage of Taiwan’s proficiency in SPC production “to achieve quality, service, delivery, etc. through multiple aspects such as raw material supply, technical support, transportation, and procurement flexibility.”

In this difficult time when everyone is facing continuous rise in cost of global raw materials and the issue of tariffs, M.J. International Group is glad to announce that the company is finally ready to service the industry. Its new SPC plant in Tainan, Taiwan will offer 12 automatic lines to produce rigid core with an estimated capacity of 900 containers per month. By prioritizing U.S. market orders, the company said it would like to stand on the same front with its customers to reduce the costs and potential risks caused by the tariff issue.

Apart from being the key point of M.J.’s dispersion plan, the company will take advantage of Taiwan’s better settlement in the LVT flooring industry. By providing raw materials, technical support, transportation and procurement flexibility, M.J. strives to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, service and delivery, and expand the Group's global layout of LVT manufacturing and services.

MJ new SPC plant in Tainan
The new SPC plant in Tainan, Taiwan has an estimated production capacity of 900 containers per month.

M.J. International Group is strong in OEM manufacturing, but its main market was previously focused in Europe, Japan, China and Taiwan. 2021 will be a brand-new year for the company because it is actively deploying within the U.S. market. The office and warehouse of MJ Group US is expected to be established in Georgia in Q2, 2021, which will soon provide OEM/ODM services locally and support various business cooperation models to meet the needs of local clients. Shaq Chao, as the president of MJ Group US, will lead the team and is looking forward to creating a winwin cooperation plan with the company’s main clients in the future, through preliminary R&D projects, customized product development and a cargo warehousing allocation program. “With nearly 40 years of professional manufacturing experience accumulated by M.J. International Group, we are confident and have absolute strength to work with American partners to create an unparalleled competitiveness and a sustainable future,” Chao said.

Company History

Chen shared that because of M.J. International Group’s three locations, it is now one of the largest professional manufacturers for LVT and SPC in Asia. It is also armed with an independent R&D capacity, which he said gives the company a competitive edge due to its automated production facilities and nearly 40 years’ experience in both R&D manufacturing technologies and quality control.

M.J. International has long been a pioneer in the global flooring industry. By facing the global problems of climate warming and excessive consumption of resources, Chen focuses on the company’s development vision through environmental sustainability as the core corporate value and circular economy as the main axis for product development.

In addition, further thinking about the universal value in the next generation, the core values of M.J. International Group are “Technology,” “Sustainability” and “Reuse” which applies to everything from technical research to corporate management. The company is determined to create: 1. Innovative technology and smart manufacturing; 2. Reuse of eco-friendly materials; 3. Environmental sustainability and cyclical development in the flooring industry. While LVT is

already a recyclable product, M.J. International Group strives to develop environmentally friendly products. The company sells non-PVC products and says it would like to challenge the characteristics of materials and break the limits in manufacturing. M.J. International uses recycled resources to produce LVT in order to create a safe and eco-friendly innovative product and contribute to the earth’s environment. The company believes it will be proud to share its latest development results in the near future.

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M.J. International Group Profile

1. Founded in 1982, has accumulated nearly 40 years of professional manufacturing experience in flooring industry

2. MJ Group US is expected to be established in Georgia, USA in 2021. Business model: OEM/ODM.

3. Capacity:

a. China plants (LVT & Rigid Core): 670 containers/month

b. Taiwan plant (Rigid Core): 900 containers/month

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